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Swish Fish Fertiliser


Fish Fertiliser

Our natural organic swish fish fertiliser – Suitable for all lawns and plants. Produces unbelievable results very quickly without chemicals. With or without fish oil. See options to the right.

Extra Information

A soil food rather than a plant food, it contains many small amounts of the trace elements and fish proteins which enables the soil to unlock nutrients already present in the soil and makes them more readily available to the plant, this enables the plant to grow on strongly with vigour, resist pests and disease.
It helps to increase biological activity and nutrient release in the soil
Increase earthworm activity
Improves the efficiency of other fertilisers and helps to rapidly breakdown crop residues

What is it?
Swish fish fertiliser is organic fertiliser and soil conditioner, made from the complete fish.
nothing is added or taken away.
Swish fish thick contains the fish oil
Swish fish thin contains no fish oil
Domestic gardeners and growers with fine spray equipment should always use the thin product as this will not block their equipment or watering cans.

What do I use?
Commercially 6-8 litres a hectare on all crops
Every 14 days throughout the growing season for foliar spray
60- 80 litres for pre –planting
Domestic use 125ml every 6 litres of water
Dilute in all cases at least 50 to 1

Is it compatible with other products?
Best used alone, however mixing with most but not all pesticides etc is usually o.k.
AJ PRODUCTS recommend a small trial first, however we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by this product.

Last Spring two neighbours re-seeded their lawns. Now it is summer; one has beautiful, lush thick green lawn as perfect as the best golf course in the country – a lawn to be truly proud of
His neighbour though has a different lawn with brown patches, an uneven texture, onion grass and weeds fighting for territory.



What made the difference?
Our natural organic swish fish fertiliser – Produce unbelievable results very quickly without chemicals.

Does it work?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it, read what one of our happy customers has to say.
mario_grande_web“The thin fish fertiliser is easy to apply through my drippers, it gives the tomatoes good overall colour, helps strengthen the plant and allows them to resist pests. I use less chemical fertilisers now”
– M Grande—Murray Bridge SA

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