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Top 5 tips for a ripper green lawn

3 October 2021
  1. Test your soil and apply fertiliser regularly.

    Buy a simple ph test kit from your local hardware store; this could be your best investment in improving your lawn and garden. Generally the PH for a standard Australian lawn should be between 6.5 to 7.
    If your lawns soil is too acidic—add lime or dolomite. Two components used for this are garden lime and dolomite. In this case dolomite is preferred because it also contains magnesium. And magnesium is necessary for plants to produce chlorophyll that allows them to produce energy.
    Most Australian soils are deficient in magnesium and ifs readily leached from the soil, so dolomite has a double action. Lime on a heavy clay soil helps break it down from really heavy clods, so that it becomes crumbly. This makes the soil easier to worL and also aids root penetration deep into the soil. If you lawns soil is to alkaline — add organic matter If you Ph is extremely high—add iron sulphate Fertilise the grass that grows and NOT the weeds that appear, the best time to do this is now autumn and spring. Try to contribute to root growth, using natural organic fertilisers that do less damage if applied incorrectly.
    They don't kill the soil biology, they are harmless to the environment your pets and yourself.

  2. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp Blunt blades rip the lawn and leave jagged ends that turn the lawn brown. Sharpening the blades is very easy and can be done by your local garden equipment specialist if necessary for a small fee.

  3. Mow often and take just a little off the top. Remove just the top third of your grass each time you mow. Removing too much saps the energy from your lawn, and results in a sick, weak lawn

  4. Keep debris off the lawn surface

  5. Remove and rake up regularly the gum leaves, twigs and other debris frequently. Layers of leaves etc block the sunlight from your lawn which will result in a sick weak pale lawn and in addition buggers up your mower!