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Organic weed killer from vinegar, salt and soap

23 October 2021

Weeds are big problem for all gardens. Gardeners know very well how difficult to keep weed under control. Weeds grows so quickly that they can completely drown out all other crops. Manual treatment takes a very long time. Also, such procedures have only a short-term effect. Weeds with a deep root system will soon grow again and so on indefinitely. So farmers and gardeners began to look for a solution that would cope perfectly with the weed, but at the same time should be safe for health and the environment.

Ordinary vinegar is great natural solution. Other substances are added to it, which only strengthen the effect of this natural herbicide. Vinegar is a universal weed killer. It is excellent against even the strong plants. It is also completely safe for humans and animals. Vinegar-based products help get rid not only of unwanted vegetation, but also of some pests. It has been observed that ants immediately disappear from areas where vinegar was used. To do this, you need to mix vinegar with an acidity level of 40% with plain water in equal proportions. Then the places where the pests live are sprayed with this mixture.

The weed killer from vinegar and salt works very well. After adding vinegar and salt, water should be applied very slowly to the weed. This way the effect of weed killer is created on long-term and leaves no residues in the soil. Always start and finish working on the soil in a very well ventilated place with good air circulation. Weeds that have grown to death will be eliminated from the soil completely. However, any herbs that grow out of the weeds may also be destroyed, such as basil, rosemary, thyme, sage or marjoram. Even if salt is applied to the soil, no residual salt is left in the soil after the treatment. Hence if salt or vinegar should be used to kill weeds in the future, it will have no harmful effects.

How to make Weed killer

Weed killer from vinegar should be used very carefully. It is very important to follow the proportions during preparation. Most often 40% vinegar is used. It is mixed with water in equal proportions, and then spraying of around areas. Such a mixture perfectly works with any weeds.

Vinegar with a lower level of acidity can be used as well.
For example:

  1. liter of water
  2. 2.5 cups of 6% vinegar

This mixture can be used as a weed killer to treat an area of about one hundred square meters. It is necessary to spray the product carefully to avoid contact with vegetables and other crops.

The most effective organic weed killer

If no other crops grows with weeds on an area, it is better to prepare a more effective mixture. It is made with vinegar and salt. Such a mixture will clean from weeds the areas near paths, fences and other places where vegetables do not grow. This method helps to get rid of even strong weeds, which usually grow again and again.

So, to prepare a killer remedy from weeds, you need to have:

  1. A liter of water
  2. 5 tablespoons of vinegar
  3. 2 tablespoons of cooking salt

The water should be boiled. Then the rest of the ingredients are added to it and mixed together. After the organic weed killer is ready to use.

To increase the effect, we need to add liquid soap or dishwashing detergent to the composition against weeds. Such a mix should be thoroughly sprayed on the weeds with a sprayer. One spoon of soap will be enough for one litre of water.

The sun can make the organic weed killer even stronger. For 3 days after spraying, the air temperature should be at least +20°C. The sun helps the herbicide to quickly grip the leaves and burn them. The weather must be not only warm, but also windless. Such conditions will help spread the product to all surrounding weeds.

The organic weed killer allows you to remove weeds in a short period of time. If you apply the solution in the morning, the plants will become sluggish and lifeless in the evening. Soon they will wither away. Then they can be collected and removed from the site. To all the advantages of this method, savings can also be attributed.
Chemical herbicides will cost much more. Such preparations have a quick effect on weeds and are very easy to make.


Many farmers argue that killing weeds with chemical herbicides is the best way. However, all of them can seriously harm human health. In addition, such substances accumulate in the soil and spoil its composition.
Please use environmentally friendly herbicides that kill almost all weeds. Using them, you do not put yourself and your family and at risk. In addition, the preparation and application of the organic weed killer does not require much effort and time.