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Our fish and seaweed products are certified by NASSA, our Apple cider vinegar products are certified by the organic food chain and our drench/s are ACO approved

NOTE:- We have no minimum order value, all products are available in ANY size and can be freighted to ANY country.

Who else is SICK & TIRED with farming being so difficult...

Because of the over use of urea/super on Australian farm land...
Because of the continual drought/low rainfall and occasional frosts in various parts of Australia...
Because of the Australian poor water quality (salinity)...
Because of wide spread poor and unbalance/deficient soils...
Or perhaps you simply don’t like pesticides or pests!
Our natural organic alternatives help address these problems and make farming more enjoyable and profitable again!

We say healthy soils = healthy plants= healthy animals = healthy and happy people


Last spring two neighbours in the same street, almost living next to each other (see right) re-seeded their lawns. Now it is summer.

One family now has a beautiful lush thick green lawn as perfect as the best golf course in the country—a lawn to be truly proud of.

Sadly, though his neighbour however finished up with a completely different lawn.

This one was covered in nasty brown patches; it had a very uneven texture that contained nut and onion grass and weeds fighting territory through the odd blade of grass.

Both neighbours prepared their soils in a similar way, removing all weeds and debris> carefully levelling their sites prior to planting, both planted and used exactly the same type of grass seed, in the same week of each other. Both neighbours regularly watered their lawns well.


Our NATURAL ORGANIC fertiliser that was all! Only the neighbour with the beautiful lush thick green lawn used our products!

If you want results like this, and similar to the BEFORE and AFTER photos below

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Before AJ Products Treatment

After AJ Products Treatment

Have been using Jim's stuff Supplied through A J Products For a few years now, we have Been using low applications on Our broad acre farm here in The South East and found all crops And grasses have responded Some better than others. I look forward to experimenting With his organic snail bait Later on, in the year
John Balestrin
Tarin Rock SA
Jim, I just love your products And what you are doing. We are an organic farm Farming sheep and vines I wish to order some more Aloe vera juice to keep the Birds off our grapes.
Furlong WA

Main Benefits Of AJ Products Organic Fertiliser


Cadell SA 2004 2nd prize pumpkin grown exclusively on AJ Products calcium and other fertilisers

So what? Why AJ Products??? See what our customers are saying

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Want to learn more about how to improve your farm, or small holdings crop?

Hi Jim Just thought we'd share this: Cut & baled into rounds a 15 acre paddock this year that was sown in a diverse seed mix back in April this year. 217 Rounds 5x4's off 15 acres. That's over 35 rounds to the Hectare with zero synthetic fertilizer. (no N or P or K) Leaf analysis testing showing plants were sufficient or above in ALL minerals and the crude protein levels were off the charts! Rye grass crude protein was 28%, Oats was 23% and vetch above 40%. It was pumping! I used humic acid, molasses, fish and seaweed meal and compost tea. Also coated seed with mycorrhizae fungus. 2 applications and the pasture went nuts! The day the hay was baled we were out seeding again this time with a warm season mix...again a diverse mix of grasses and legumes, and it’s already coming out of the ground. Will hit this with the same spray as I believe it is more of a biological stimulant rather than a fertilizer. All up, will seed 35-40 acres to this mix. Should be (with some luck) lovely and green and 4 foot tall for Christmas! Thanks and regards,
Adam Oaten
Adelaide Hills

Who else wants to improve the WEIGHT, health and well being of their farm animals, using NO CHEMICALS and less effort??

It was very cold and wet  winter a few years ago now… when, Farmer Tom from the South East of South Australia called, he was upset and panicking because he had just about given up on a small mob of baby orphaned Suffolk lambs that were not responding to his standard “treatment” and were on the verge of dying.

Apparently, they were penned inside and had clean bedding, but were still lifeless, hardly moving let alone standing and were scouring too.

The value of lambs at the time were valued at $158 a head

The mob of lambs were 14 in number

Farmer Tom asked for my help, to see what we could do to help save his lambs and also improve his main adult mob too.

I supplied  him a number of different products, supplementation for the lambs and drenches and Lick in a box for the adults.

A few days passed, and I didn’t hear from Farmer Tom, for a while, fearing he may still be having problems I was about to ring him to find out what had happened but just before I was about to do this, I received a call from his wife jenny to say that all but ONE of the lambs had survived! And the one that had died was very small and week at birth.


It was the IMMEDIATE use of AJs natural organic animal supplements, which included our very own South Australian powdered dried colostrum for infant lambs, our top selling ALMIGHTY SHEEP DRENCH and LICK A BOX

To find out more information and to ask your own personal questions

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Hi Jim Just ringing today to give you A ‘bouquet’ for the best hay cut Ever due to using your fertiliser and Also, a second ‘bouquet’ for the Drench. Our butcher commented On how red and tender our lambs Were. I now need to do a soil test And meet with you to discuss Our program for next year please.
Suzie Horne
Adelaide Hills, SA
I cannot get my horses in Any better condition since using Many of the natural organic products Provided by A J Products. Both the Products and service supplied have Been outstanding and I now advertise The company on my horse float!
C Curtis
Morphettville SA
I have been feeding my dairy cows your Sea minerals and animal drench for a little Over 6 weeks now and have seen a 100,000 Drop in somatic cell counts. We have no pink Eye and have seen a significant reduction in flies. My farm advisor has been passed Recently and has also been impressed. I am very happy with the results so far!
Doug M

Taking one of these TWO amazing supplements daily may improve your health and vitality….

World-wide facts and statistics show that many humans around the world are suffering from various different illnesses and ailments due to an unbalanced and mineral deficient diet. Doctors and hospitals are over-run and it appears there’s no end in sight and things are getting progressively worse. The COVID-19 19 worldwide pandemic has put further pressure recently on our health and welfare system.

The world health organisation says essential vitamins and minerals in the diet are vital to boost immunity vitamin A zinc, iron and iodine are primary public health concerns. Globally 33% of women of reproductory age and 42% of children 6-59 months of age are anaemic, with up to one half being amenable to iron supplementation. Vitamin A deficiency affects 29% of children in this age bracket too, in low to middle income countries. They also have a high-risk factor to blindness and diarrhea. Progress has been made in reducing iron deficiency globally and it was estimated that the populations of only 25 countries had inadequate iodine intakes in 2015 (down from 110 countries in 1993)

Clearly more should be done to improve overall health and wellbeing globally and to address these alarming facts.

A J Products provides nutritional supplements that are certified organic HUMAN GRADE liquids that aid in the improvement of general health and well being.

These include our world-famous Australian sea minerals (CMD), our Adams Apple Cider vinegar and our magnesium oil amongst others.
Please contact us for further information fill in the submissions form, and well be sure to get back to you within 24 hours with further information and help.

Brother Jim at A J Products has been supplying my company in Malaysia with natural organic supplements since 2008, we purchase mainly AJs natural organic sea minerals which we distribute throughout our network in Asia. I have been very happy with both the product and service supplied by Brother Jim over the years and I have met with him on several occasions in both Malaysia and Singapore. We hope to expand our operation and sell more of his range in the coming months. Well done brother Jim!
Ocean Gold Biz Marketing Malaysia

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