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Organic Animal Farming Solutions

Worms (internal parasites) are currently estimated to cost the Australian sheep and wool industry more than $260 million per year and the Australia goat industry $2.5 million per year.

The finest natural organic fertilizers and plant products throughout Australia

..."Thanks Jim, your products have saved me a thousand dollars a week, that's $52,000 a year with your help and products since we started in 2004!"...

J Maries - Meningie SA


AJ Products – Manufacturing and selling the finest natural organic fertilizers and animal health additives throughout Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India Fiji and the UK 

We are providers of fine natural organic additives for the health of all animals and plants. We are a proud, energetic South Australian company providing an array of fine natural organic products direct for the use on your farm or smallholding.

We do not use chemicals or nasty hazardous products which will harm your environment, pollute your waterways and damage wildlife.


ALMIGHTY  natural Organic SHEEP supplement / tonic

We use a variety of oils to make our supplements / tonics, Rice bran oil is a naturally occurring source of antioxidants including tocopherols and gamma-oryzanol etc, a plant sterol that acts as a muscle builder and conditioner. It also contains good levels of squalene a contributor to good foot health.

Canola oil is high in omega 9 and contains a significant source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, and omega 6. Blended with these oils are Adams apple cider vinegar which aids digestion and absorption, promoting a healthy coat, it gives the supplement / tonic its flavour and is also high in potassium. Seaweed the world's most nutritious plant is then added, this adds trace elements to further promote health and wellbeing. To this we add our fresh aloe Vera juice and natural sea mineral product which contains over 70 minerals. Our supplement / tonic is used widely across the world by small hobby farmers with just a few sheep, to much larger concerns with a few thousand sheep.

The estimated total combined annual impact of internal parasites on the prime lamb industry in South Australia, Victoria and Riverina region of New South Wales is $65.73 million, comprised of $49.47 million (74%) direct losses and $16.26 million (26%) in costs associated with routine control programs.*

...“ Another brilliant product Jim, the sheep have improved in weight and energy, there also has been no worms this year either, thank you”...

Gavin Hall –Victoria


You will love how easy our organic supplement / tonic is to use


It has a shelf life of 3 + years if kept cool and in the dark

It is totally natural and organic
It can be used alone or in combination with other products It is cost effective
It gives proven results which include but are not limited to

  1. Less deaths
  2. Better lambing rates, more twins
  3. Improved overall condition
  4. Quicker growth
  5. More energy and stronger wool

ALMIGHTY natural organic 
COW supplement / tonic

Recent research and trails around the world have all supported what many of us have known for years. It is highly beneficial to dose your cows irrespective of their condition on a regular basis. The best methods to use are still being debated, however A J Products strongly believes that regular oral application is best. We also understand that some farmers consider this time consuming. Again it’s entirely up to the individual, but even just a couple of doses a year are better than none. We manufacture and supply a completely natural organic animal supplement / tonic with garlic and various flavourings that give fantastic results. These supplements / tonics are made for specific animal types, such as sheep, goats cows etc.

..."Thanks Jim, your products have saved me a thousand dollars a week, that's $52,000 a year with your help and products since we started in 2004!"...

J Maries - Meningie SA

You Will Love The Benefits

Less worms, most animals pick up worms of some kind, and dosing with our almighty animal supplement / tonic on a regular 4 to 6 times a year basis will keep these pests at bay
Less worms or no worms means your animals will have a better appetite

  • Your animals energy levels will improve
  • Improved milk production in dairy cows
  • Improved weight gain
  • Improved fertility


A J Products Adam's Apple Cider Vinegar is an award winning product, that is made in the Adelaide Hills, by fermenting windfall apples in French oak barrels. Our vinegar is a well known prebiotic water purifier and antibiotic, it is non pasteurized, so its literally alive and contains all the goodness and beneficial mother enzyme. We supply a rough animal grade vinegar to improve animal health and well being, and a gourmet food grade version for human consumption. Our product is certified organic for use in Australia and for export purposes, by The Organic Food Chain of Australia

...“I cannot get my horses in any better condition since using many of the natural organic products provided by AJ Products. Both the products and services supplied are outstanding, and I now advertise the company on my horse float.”...

C Curtis - Morphetville SA


This is a rough orange/brown liquid, un-pasteurised. A rich source of potassium, vitamin A, B and E. Contains many minerals – these include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, sulphur, iron, zinc and manganese.



MORE THAN $150 million is lost to Australian dairy farmers each year through poor udder health. Mastitis is the major cause of this loss as it reduces milk yield and leads to poor quality milk.*

Diary News Australia
SUPAMINT EXTRA is a peppermint oil composition it provides soothing relief to the swollen udder of cows. The peppermint oil causes a reduction in the swelling associated with udder oedema.

..."Jim I have been drenching all stock with your product, the Supamint helped clean up the mastitis and I include the probiotic in the feed mix for the show sheep. The young sheep are performing above expectations; young rams are weighing in at 70 – 75 kg at 5 months. So I’m thrilled with the results"....

Gavin Wall - Ringwood Vic

You Will Love The Benefits


What is it exactly and how is it use?

Supamint extra is a thick rich smooth cream containing over 15 different natural organic ingredients blended together here at our premises, designed to help and treat dairy cows with mastitis with out the use of chemicals and antibiotics, however in more recent it has quickly and widely become popular remedy to treat dry chapped skin and helps reduce bodily pain in humans!

  • This product is a break through in udder protection, because of its unique triple action formula:
  • It prevents swelling and inflammation as 100% pure Japanese peppermint oil for centuries has been well known for its natural healing and soothing properties.
  • It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protecting the cow from infection because of the blend of oils, eucalyptus, tea tree and witch hazel.
  • The aloe vera calendula oil, vitamin E and A contained in the product promote healthy skin tissue acting as a great skin moisturiser.

Due to the ingredients within our product, it can be used safely without the need for antibiotics and when used alone there is no need to discard the milk. This product has a nil withholding period.

Rub approximately 20 ml into the effected area where the skin is not broken onto the udder after first milking/stripping out up to three times daily. Repeat for at least 7 days. Avoid all contact with eyes and nose in the event of contact rinse with plenty of clean cold water. As far as is known or anticipated there are no hazards associated with the use of this product, store at 5 – 25 C. Do not freeze and keep out of sunlight.