Natural Organic Additives For The Health Of Animals & Plants


A J Products human grade sea mineral liquid supplement better known as Australian CDM (or concentrated mineral drop) are harvested from the Great Barrier Reef, considered one of the great wonders of the world. The above picture shows one of the vast retention pans or ponds.

A J products sea mineral liquid is produced from retention pans or ponds via a natural evaporation process, vast volumes of clear clean Australian sea water is trapped and retained in these ponds, and is slowly evaporated over time of up to 3 years in dry arid conditions before the concentrated brine, containing a huge range of macro, micro and trace elements are harvested. At no point in the process, are there any chemicals, fillers, food colorants or stabilisers added.

Sea Minerals & People

Our liquid sea minerals are a totally natural organic product that contains over 80 different minerals, (see below table for complete list). Minerals are required by the body daily in order to maintain proper health. Minerals are also essential to activate different enzymes which perform bodily functions like proper cardiac function and immune system stimulilation. Lack of specific minerals can lead to many health problems, like arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

Below is a very brief summary of just four of these minerals and the parts they play in maintaining our health and well being

  • Magnesium – helps to maintain bone health, and is useful for fighting off diabetes and asthma. Magnesium deficiencies have been found to be linked in people who suffer cramps, stress and insomnia.
  • Sodium—improves brain function and helps prevent premature aging, it also aids water balance and prevention of sunstroke
  • Chlorine is essential for the function of cleansing debris from the body
  • Lithium helps prevent mental illness and depression

It has been proven time and time again since in fact back in 1938 when Dr Maynard Murray, first discovered the full benefits of sea minerals, that taking CMD in small quantise regularly, improves health and well being.


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The best way of administering the almighty natural sheep drench is described below. We have now mixed the kelp and apple cider vinegar together with the other ingredients to make this easier for the use on the farm. We must stress that it is far better to use LOW dose rates regularly, rather than HIGH dose rates less often.
As the various oils in this product rises to the top of the container and tends to separate over time, it is vital that the mixture is mixed thoroughly with every use. Please keep cool and in a dark place, well sealed. This product is non toxic, non corrosive, all natural and organic.

We recommend that your sheep are drenched at least 3 to 4 times a year, if you are going to continue with your commercial drench this is ok, but please use our drench first, and then the commercial drench. Drench all sheep between 30 to 20 ml per head and half this dose for lambs these rates seem to be the most effective rate currently across Australia. Please note, drenching does not replace a good normal balanced diet.

We use a variety of oils etc to make our drenches, Rice bran oil is a naturally occurring source of antioxidants including tocopherols and gamma-oryzanol etc, a plant sterol that acts as a muscle builder and conditioner. It also contains good levels of squalene a contributor to good foot health.

Canola oil is high in omega 9 and contains a significant source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, and omega 6. Blended with these oils are Adams apple cider vinegar which aids digestion and absorption, promoting a healthy coat, it gives the drench its flavour and is also high in potassium. Seaweed the worlds most nutritious plant is then added, this adds trace elements to further promote health and well being. To this we add our fresh aloe Vera juice and natural sea mineral product which contains over 70 minerals. Our drench is used widely across the world by small hobby farmers with just a few sheep, to much larger concerns with a few thousand sheep.

You will love how easy our drench is to use
It has a shelf life of 5 + years if kept cool and in the dark
It is totally natural and organic
It can be used alone or in combination with other products It is cost effective
It gives proven results which include but are not limited too

  1. Less deaths
  2. Better lambing rates, more twins
  3. Improved overall condition
  4. Quicker growth
  5. More energy and stronger wool

“ Another brilliant product Jim, the sheep have improved in weight and energy, there also has been no worms this year either, thank you” — Gavin Hall –Victoria 2008