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There is a renewed international focus on soil management because of increasing concerns about the implications of current trends in soil condition. In Australia, soil acidification, unsustainable rates of soil erosion, loss of soil organic carbon and nutrient imbalances (deficiencies and excesses) are recognised as significant threats to soil function. If left unchecked, these problems will constrain Australia’s ability to take advantage of agricultural opportunities created by a growing population and demand for exports. The threats have the potential to impose significant costs.*

The finest natural organic fertilizers and plant products throughout Australia

..."Thanks Jim, your products have saved me a thousand dollars a week, that's $52,000 a year with your help and products since we started in 2004!"...

J Maries - Meningie SA


AJ Products – Manufacturing and selling the finest natural organic fertilisers and animal health additives throughout Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India Fiji and the UK 

We are providers of fine natural organic additives for the health of all animals and plants. We are a proud, energetic South Australian company providing an array of fine natural organic products direct for the use on your farm or smallholding.

We do not use chemicals or nasty hazardous products which will harm your environment, pollute your waterways and damage wildlife.



Our natural organic kelp based fertiliser – Suitable for all lawns and plants. Produces unbelievable results very quickly without chemicals. In liquid or powder.

The 14 main reasons you should use natural organic seaweed:

1. Balanced natural fertiliser
Contains major plant nutrients and wide range of micronutrients making it ideal for addressing deficiencies

2. Conditions soil
Contains mannitol and alginic acid which acidifies soils and help plants to absorb nutrients

3. Encourages root growth
Auxins in seaweed stimulate growth of existing roots, particularly in lawns.

4. Earlier, better, bigger crops
Betaines, which are plant hormones, improve chlorophyll production, resistance
to changeable weather including frost. Regular foliar feeding helps growth, earlier flowering, heavier cropping and increased yields.

5. Crops store longer
Regular foliar feeding with seaweed increases plant resistance to bacterial and fungal decays which can spoil stored crops

6. Stimulates your microbes
Complex carbohydrates in seaweed stimulate microscopic soil fungi and other soil microbes; this increased activity heightens the availability of soil nutrients.

7. Improves nutritional value of crops
Our soils are generally deficient in selenium and iodine and half our diets are iodine deficient, regular applications of seaweed gets these minerals into our soils and our crops.

When fertiliser nitrogen is applied to soil it is not used efficiently, and the plant seldom assimilates >50% of the nitrogen added. Plant uptake for a range of crops and pastures in Australia varies from 6 to 59% of the nitrogen applied.*

8. Produces sweeter fruit
Cytokinins are natural plant growth hormones found in seaweed, they increase sugar levels in plants, resulting in robust growth and sweeter fruit.

9. Helps seeds to sprout
Seaweeds retain their micronutrients, natural amino acids and plant growth hormones.These work together to assist diseases like damping off and assist seed germination

10. Reduces shock
These same hormones lessen the impact of transplant shock, aiding recovery. Dip the plants in solution before replanting or water plants in well afterwards.

11. Increases your strike rate
Auxins in seaweed help cuttings establish

12. Reduces fruit drop
Cytokinins help reduce the amount of embryonic fruit aborted, and stimulates early flowering

13. Fights nematodes
Helps suppress nematodes (eelworms). It reduces their breeding, weakening them so they find it harder to invade plants.

14. Improves frost tolerance
Seaweed helps to strengthen cell walls, which helps reduce frost damage.

...“The seaweed drench that you have provided our farm with has been outstanding, as a result we have less of a worm issue, stronger wool and lambs with far less birthing problems than before, this year we will be using your production our pastures for an extra boast,
Thank you once again Jim”...

Fred C — SA


What is it?

AJ Products produce seaweed products or kelp as some people refer to it in various forms, our liquid seaweed fertiliser (brand name Aqua grow) is a dark brown/greenish thick liquid, that is carefully harvested power washed to remove any sand, tar and debris from the west and north coast tip of Tasmania. The water here is considered to contain and grow one of the best species of sea weed in the world due to cool clean climate.

Our seaweed is particularly useful because it contains the four main growth hormones that have been found to be beneficial to grow all plants and crops. We have this product available as a liquid, flakes, granules, meals, powders and liquids all of which makes it a very versatile and easy to use product.  Seaweed is one of the most nutrious plants known to mankind and can be fed to stock, crops and humans without difficulty. Please enquire and explain your requirements, for us to recommend the best solution for your application.

What do I use?

Generally, we recommend the following rates

Domestically – use 150ml to one standard watering can of water (6 to 8 litre) Can be applied around the root zone of the plant as well as a foliar spray over the leaves/stem/trunk/flower etc, best to use LOW applications of a REGULAR bases i.e., at the above rate every 7 to 14 days throughout the growing season. This is a natural organic product with a nil withholding period which means you can happily consume food after washing at any time.

Commercial—use at 6 to 12 litres per ha in up to 1000 litres of water

Is it compatible with other products?

Best used alone, however mixing with most but not all pesticides etc is usually o.k.
AJ PRODUCTS recommend a small trial first, however we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by mixing this product.



This is a totally natural organic solution to world-wide issues of killing weeds. For many years now there have been discussions regards the banning of weed killers containing glyphosate, there is no disputing it is bad for our soils the environment and our waterways. Some scientists and medical specialists go as far as saying the continual use of glyphosate can cause cancer!

Irrespective of  your views, the world is forever changing and people are slowly beginning to realise that there are safer and less destructive alternatives to killing weeds.

Alternatives are rapidly becoming available and we at AJs products have developed with the help of our industrial chemists a natural organic alternative that works flawlessly in the Australian growing environment.

..."your weed killer is a big improvement of what else is currently available, it works best when applied during the full heat of the day, and is far better than using nasty chemical sprays which are no good for the environment or my family."...

Betty B - Qld

You Will Love The Benefits

The 9 benefits of using AJs natural organic weed killer:

  • Easy to use
  • Safe for the environment, waterways, wildlife, us and our pets!
  • Best applied during HOT weather
  • Non-hazardous, natural organic solution
  • Death to weeds is almost instant, certainly within hours of application assuming no rainfall after application
  • No special equipment or applicator required unlike the ‘the steaming method”
  • Can be used domestically or commercially by anyone
  • Cost effective
  • Australian made

So how does it work?

This amazing combination of natural organic food grade ingredients combined with acetic acid is fast acting. Dehydrating the weeds.  Significant results can often be seen within hours of application. Several applications maybe necessary to completely kill and eradicate tough weeds such as bracken.

Best applied during the HEAT of the day, completely soak the weeds in question and allow to to dry. Although safe due to the acidic ph level of the product we recommend that you use safety spectacles when applying.

WARNING — This is a non-selective weedkiller which means it will kill ANY plant it comes into contact with.
Useful to kill moss, algae and lichen.
Do not apply if weeds are wet
Do not apply prior to rainfall
Do not allow to drift onto plants you do not want to kill
The product will damage turf/lawns if used as a spot spray
Keep out of the reach of children pets and food stuffs


Good food means good health, it is the fuel that keeps the engine running smoothly. Sea minerals act as nutrients because of their alkalizing and mineralizing nature, keeping disease and acidification at bay. The plant’s natural immune system is boosted in this way. Plants need minerals. They will get their nitrogen in other ways, just like they do their carbon and sulphur, as these naturally occur in the atmosphere (air, rainwater). These are life-giving substances and so are sea minerals.

Sea minerals not only promote fast growth, but above all healthy growth. In no other crop is this more visible than grass. Even if the difference between ocean-grown grass and grass fertilized in other ways is not immediately visible, any grazing animal will immediately select ocean-grown grass when given the choice, because the animal instinctively knows ocean-grown grass has more nutritional value. Ocean-grown grass contains a balanced complex of minerals and trace elements as well as large amounts of chlorophyll. This is good for the grass and the grazer. The milk and meat of these animals is good for us humans. Thus a cycle is established which literally starts at the root.

When fertiliser nitrogen is applied to soil it is not used efficiently, and the plant seldom assimilates >50% of the nitrogen added. Plant uptake for a range of crops and pastures in Australia varies from 6 to 59% of the nitrogen applied.*
...“We have been using Jim's stuff supplied through AJ Products for a few years now, we have been using low applications on our broad acre farm here in The South East and found all crops and grasses have responded some better than others. I look forward to experimenting With his organic snail bait Later on, in the year”...

John Balestrin - Tarin Rock SA


What is it?

Our sea minerals are naturally harvested from large ponds that are connected to one of the cleanest oceans in the world (the great barrier reef but also other parts of Australia including South Australia) These ponds are extremely large covering several Ha the sea water is pure and untainted by humans, and contain every mineral required to sustain life for growth and maintenance in plants. The water is solar evaporated over up to three years before being carefully filtered with the excess sodium removed, before we carefully bottle and distribute to our customers both in Australia and across the world.

The Main Benefits Of Sea Minerals

The main 12 benefits are as follows:

  • A gentle liquid fertiliser that is NATURAL AND ORGANIC
  • Contains over 70 different macro and micro minerals that are often found depleted in our soils
  • Contains many nutrients in trace amounts that other traditional fertilisers do not have
  • Will help to improve soil structure (see photos attached)
  • Can be used as a soil improver, by applying to the soil and around the root zone of plants
  • Can also be used as a foliar spray on the leaves of plants
  • Helps the plant cope with stress (heat/drought, frost, pest attack etc.)
  • Helps the plant fight disease and pests
  • Makes the plant more nutritious for animal or human consumption
  • Harmless to the environment, water ways wildlife etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

Is it low dosage?

As a general rule LOW dose rates on a REGULAR bases are far more beneficial than HEAVY applications less often.

Domestically--- 150 ml per full standard watering can full of water applied every 10 to 14 days throughout the growing season. Can be applied around the root zone of the plant and as a foliar spray over the leaves/stem/trunk etc. Concentrating on the UNDERSIDE of leaves is good as this part is the most receptive part of the plant. Never apply during the heat of the day, best applied early morning or in the evening. Compatible with many other common organic fertilisers but best applied alone.

Commercially--- Best applied at between 6 to 12 litres per Ha in up to 1000 litres of water, application rates can vary and so can the water volume, experimenting with different rates to find out what gives the best results on your farm is encouraged. Several applications over the growing season are strongly recommended. Otherwise follow the advice given domestically above.



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