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Seaweed fertiliser

Seaweed is a term covering a wide range of marine algae and plants. They are usually divided into groups of red, green or brown algae, and have a wide range of uses, as food, medicine, and fertilizer.

To live, seaweeds need seawater or brackish, salty water. Seaweed is also known as “kelp” the deeper the seaweed grows in the water, the darker the leaves.

We offer Tasmanian bull kelp ,considered one of the best seaweeds in the world, and is available in liquid, meal, flakes, and powders, to suit most applications.

Our product is certified organic for use in Australia.

Available by the litre in liquid form or kilo in the dry form.
seaweed fertiliser

What is seaweed fertiliser?

AJ Products produce seaweed products or kelp as some people refer to it in various forms, our liquid seaweed fertiliser (brand name Aqua grow) is a dark brown/greenish thick liquid, that is carefully harvested power washed to remove any sand, tar and debris from the west and north coast tip of Tasmania. The water here is considered to contain and grow one of the best species of sea weed in the world due to cool clean climate.

Our seaweed is particularly useful because it contains the four main growth hormones that have been found to be beneficial to grow all plants and crops. We have this product available as a liquid, flakes, granules, meals, powders and liquids all of which makes it a very versatile and easy to use product.  Seaweed is one of the most nutrious plants known to mankind and can be fed to stock, crops and humans without difficulty. Please enquire and explain your requirements, for us to recommend the best solution for your application.

How to use seaweed fertiliser?

Generally, we recommend the following rates

Domestically – use 150ml to one standard watering can of water (6 to 8 litre) Can be applied around the root zone of the plant as well as a foliar spray over the leaves/stem/trunk/flower etc, best to use LOW applications of a REGULAR bases i.e., at the above rate every 7 to 14 days throughout the growing season. This is a natural organic product with a nil withholding period which means you can happily consume food after washing at any time.

Commercial—use at 6 to 12 litres per ha in up to 1000 litres of water

seaweed fertiliser is compatible with other products

Best used alone, however mixing with most but not all pesticides etc is usually o.k.
AJ PRODUCTS recommend a small trial first, however we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by mixing this product.