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ALMIGHTY natural ORGANIC SHEEP supplement / tonic

We use a variety of oils etc to make our supplement / tonic. Rice bran oil is a naturally occurring source of antioxidants including tocopherols and gamma-oryzanol etc, a plant sterol that acts as a muscle builder and conditioner. It also contains good levels of squalene a contributor to good foot health.

Canola oil is high in omega 9 and contains a significant source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, and omega 6. Blended with these oils are Adams apple cider vinegar which aids digestion and absorption, promoting a healthy coat, it gives the supplement / tonic its flavour and is also high in potassium. Seaweed the world's most nutritious plant is then added, this adds trace elements to further promote health and wellbeing. To this we add our fresh aloe Vera juice and natural sea mineral product which contains over 70 minerals. Our supplement / tonic is used widely across the world by small hobby farmers with just a few sheep, to much larger concerns with a few thousand sheep.

You will love how easy our organic sheep supplement / tonic is to use

It has a shelf life of 3 + years if kept cool and in the dark It is totally natural and organic It can be used alone or in combination with other products It is cost effective Can be added to feed or animals drinking water
Almighty animal sheep drench