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Are your farm dams or animals water troughs suffering?

26 September 2021

Organic material washed into dams can lead to water becoming unattractive to livestock and possibly toxic. The main carrier of contamination is rapid water flow from thunderstorms during the dry season, carrying loose organic material from the catchment.

There are several practical ways of preventing contamination, clearing organic material from dams before it causes a problem, and several ways of making contaminated water more drinkable and safer for livestock
Heavy rainfall resulting in overland flows can wash large amounts of organic material (straw and manure) into farm dams. The material will float for up to 48 hours before sinking. Contamination can then cause the water to be temporarily unpalatable to livestock, resulting in animals not drinking and losing condition.

Contaminated water is not usually poisonous to healthy sheep, but it may be harmful to young or weak livestock. Under some conditions, contamination can lead to toxic blue-green algae growing in the water. Under these conditions, remove livestock immediately to avoid poisoning livestock.
Organic materials in dam water provide ideal food for bacteria and algae. These organisms grow rapidly, using up all the free oxygen in the water, creating anaerobic conditions leading to putrefaction. Signs of putrefaction are dark water, a bad smell and black scum around the edge of the dam. This black scum may prevent livestock from reaching the water.

For dam and animal trough water that already maybe suffering A J Products has a number of different natural organic solutions, these are enzyme and amino acid based, that start from the bottom up by digesting the contaminating material, see more details below.

AJs Natural organic algae eliminator product

An environmentally friendly and total natural solutions to help assist in cleaning up farm dams and water ways. Traditional algaecides merely poison the algae and help it sink to the bottom which increases the organic loading and its future bloom prospects that’s bad for the environment and water quality. Our product digests the organic solids and removes the need for costly remove of sludge and manure. Our product contains amino acids and high levels of selected beneficial bacteria that works from the bottom up digesting the algae, leaving clear clean water without harming aquatic life or fish.

Unfortunately using algaecides causes more damage than good as it increases toxin levels as the algae dies, the water should not be consumed for a period after initial treatment as consumption may cause toxicity to farm animals.

AJs water trough improver

This is another environmentally friendly solution to improving water quality in animals water troughs, unlike adding copper sulphate, which some fussy animals don’t like, this product is a natural organic alternative that contains beneficial bacteria, ammino acids that digest organic solids and removes the nutrients that algae need to survive, all this helps keep your animals water trough clean.

Directions—First, empty out your trough, and thoroughly clean it by scrubbing it down and leaving it to dry in the open air for 24 hours, fill up with clean clear water and then add one water trough “bomb” per 500 litres of water, replace as required, normally every 2 weeks is sufficient. This product will help reduce suspended particles, sludge and fats/oils etc and keep the water odour free as well.