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Insulat – Mt is a revolutionary NEW paint/coating that creates a thermal barrier which reflects heat once it has been applied to a hard surface, such as walls ceilings and roofs. It is a unique blend of coated ceramic microspheres; these are hollow with a vacuum at the centre. Heat cannot be transferred through a vacuum by conduction and it’s this feature which creates a thermal block for the passage of heat. The material within the coating is both environmentally friendly and totally inert. This technology has two major benefits, in hot countries like Australia it helps to keep the heat out of a property, which means you save money on your energy bills and it reduces the need for air conditioning. In cold climates such as the UK and Canada it reflects heat back into the room when applied to interior walls and ceilings.

Insulat - is simple and clever

Other benefits included reducing condensation in bathrooms etc helping to reduce mould almost entirely due to the special additives of the paint This NEW technology is revolutionary for new construction and old buildings both domestically and commercially. It is suitable for all buildings; it saves energy and the environment and is good for humans and animals.
  • Suitable for all domestic, commercial properties and animal shelters including piggeries, dairies, horse stables and chicken shed.
  • Save heaps on skyrocketing electricity prices
  • Use your air conditions less often and save even more
  • Work in comfort without sweating
  • Good for energy saving and the environment
  • Good for human, animal health and well being
  • Easy DIY application
  • Choice of different colours
  • Non hazardous, environmentally friendly and non toxic
  • You will simply LOVE the end results guaranteed