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23 October 2021
Organic weed killer from vinegar, salt and soap

Weeds are big problem for all gardens. Gardeners know very well how difficult to keep weed under control. Weeds grows so quickly that they can completely drown out all other crops. Manual treatment takes a very long time. Also, such …

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14 October 2021
How to make and use fish fertiliser

Fish contains a huge amount of trace elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, useful not only for humans but also for vegetable plants. After fish fertilization, they become stronger, the crop matures more, and the fruits grow larger and …

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11 October 2021
Organic farming trends

We need to ask ourselves how organic farming is evolving into farming practices, both in the Australia and globally. How is it evolving into farming practices today?

The answer is growing. Organic farming has been around since the early 1920s, …

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7 October 2021
Top 13 tips for looking after your hobby sheep

1. Provide sufficient shelter This should including protection from all weathers, and growing tree belts around the area you intend to stock sheep. Plants belts of fast and medium growing trees around the area to be protected. Use European oaks …

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3 October 2021
Top 5 tips for a ripper green lawn
  1. Test your soil and apply fertiliser regularly.
    Buy a simple ph test kit from your local hardware store; this could be your best investment in improving your lawn and garden. Generally the PH for a standard Australian lawn should be
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27 September 2021
The Making Of Licks (Blocks) Or Loose Licks For Animals

Many of you know that for many years now I have been producing lick blocks for all sorts of applications. It seems that many farmers still like to use the urea blocks of old.
Now I am a great believer …

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27 September 2021
Soil testing depths

Pasture 0-10cm, Vegetable and field crops 0-15 cm, Tree and vines 0-25 cms

Collect cores of soil, by walking across the paddock from diagonal corner to corner, and then walk back from the other two corners so you have formed …

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27 September 2021
How to use sea mineral fertilizers on plant crops

Prior to starting any new fertiliser program be it organic or chemical, we recommend that each farm performs its own testing, this includes testing their soil, irrigation water and of course a leaf tissue test on the plants/crops that they …

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27 September 2021
Vineyard snail control

Look out they may be back- the giant African snail!

They are an enormous pest that lay up to 1200 eggs every year and are the size of a cricket ball! They can survive all sorts of extreme temperatures, some …

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26 September 2021
Are your farm dams or animals water troughs suffering?

Organic material washed into dams can lead to water becoming unattractive to livestock and possibly toxic. The main carrier of contamination is rapid water flow from thunderstorms during the dry season, carrying loose organic material from the catchment.

There are …

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