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14 October 2021
How to make and use fish fertiliser

Fish contains a huge amount of trace elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, useful not only for humans but also for vegetable plants. After fish fertilization, they become stronger, the crop matures more, and the fruits grow larger and …

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27 September 2021
How to use sea mineral fertilizers on plant crops

Prior to starting any new fertiliser program be it organic or chemical, we recommend that each farm performs its own testing, this includes testing their soil, irrigation water and of course a leaf tissue test on the plants/crops that they …

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15 September 2021
Organic Solution to Bird Problem also a Grape Sunscreen

Many winemakers in one of the main South Australian growing regions, McLaren vale have for many years fought the battle against the local bird population and continually high temperatures. Netting grapes has always be a long time consuming and costly …

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3 September 2021
Seaweed fertiliser benefits

Natural & organic as in other words just food, no additives of any kind.
You're sure to feel healthy after every bite. Natural seaweed has many health benefits, there‚Äôs a lot of research being done about the positive impact on …

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