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Pink Sea Salt


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Why it’s Pink?
This pure ancient sea salt contains no additives or preservatives, but is loaded with natural minerals and elements such as magnesium and calcium. These natural mineralized brines give the salt a lovely pink colour, as well as a unique and delicious flavour. Our Gourmet Pink Salt Flakes are enjoyed by food connoisseurs the world over. Place in a small finger bowl and sprinkle over meals prior to eating.


Appearance / Form: Taste & Nose: Grade / Size:
Natural pink appearance
Delicate salt flake crystals Uniquely soft tasting and odourless Crystal size range from 0.5 to 5mm

Technical Data – typical analysis

Chloride Cl 60.3%
Sodium Na 39.1%
Magnesium Mg 860ppm
Sulfate SO4 3440ppm
Calcium Ca 515ppm
Potassium K 128ppm
Iron Fe 23ppm
Iodine I 23ppm

Analysis is on a dry weight basis. Typical free moisture is 0.5 / 100g. Various elements and bound moisture account for the remaining 0.0925%.

Halal Certification
Halal Certificate No. 25016/1

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