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animal cow drench

Recent research and trails around the world have all supported what many of us organic people have known for years.
It is highly beneficial to drench your cows irrespective of their condition on a regular bases.

The best methods to use are still being debated, however A J Products strongly believes that regular oral application is best.

We also understand that some farmers consider this time consuming. Again it’s entirely up to the individual, but even just a couple of drenches a year are better than none.

We manufacture and supply a completely natural organic animal drench with garlic and various flavouring that gives fantastic results. These drenches are made for specific animal types, such as sheep, goats cows etc.

animal cow drench benefits

Below are just some of the animal cow drench benefits
  1. Less worms, most animals pick up worms of some kind, and drenching with our almighty animal drench on a regular 4 to 6 times a year bases will keep these pests at bay
  2. Less worms or no worms means your animals will have a better appetite
  3. Your animals energy levels will improve
  4. Improved milk production in dairy cows
  5. Improved weight gains
  6. Improved fertility
We advise that it’s best to provide some form of supplement in your animal’s drinking water if possible as well, such as seaweed, sea minerals or another liquid mineral supplement, A J Products provides all these products and aim to supply the drench at LOW doses rates on a regular bases, for best results.
almighty animal cow drench