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Retaining Fluid


Root Zone Moisture Retaining Fluid With Seaweed

This sensational new product is made of large long chained molecules joined together, we have used a seaweed base fertiliser to carry the Anionic polymers which take in water and hold it right down at the critical root zone area of the plant, here they slowly release the water, allowing the plant roots to uptake water and nutrients far better, than ever before.

This soil conditioner greatly enhances the ability of the soil to function at its capacity. Changes to the tilth helps promote tunneling of earthworms. This provides additional aeration and the proper air/water relationship, allowing deeper moisture and root growth. “compacted” or high salinity soils prevent root growth and become impervious to water and other nutrients, the shallow root growth keeps plants very dependent on surface water.

Heres How it Works

Root Zone Moisture Retaining Fluid With Seaweed,is a convenient liquid formula which is simply mixed with water and applied to the already wetted soil. When activated, mixed with water and applied to the soil the tightly coiled molecules uncoil, extend and expand and are pulled into the soil by gravitation.

As they continue their journey downwards the very heavy and expanding molecules contained in this product, continue to expand and beneficial changes occur to the structure and texture of the soil profile. The soil opens up, thus allowing water and air unrestricted movement through the soil. Water penetration and drainage is improved as a result, allowing moisture and nutrients to reach new depths. Root growth is enhanced dramatically, capillary action is greatly improved, allowing plants to transfer and uptake nutrient solutions at a much greater rate and from much greater distances. Anionic polymer molecules will literally dissolve mineral deposits and hardpan layers.

Rates of Use
First thoroughly wet the soil to be treated with irrigation and apply at the rate of 12 litres to the Ha, this is best done at planting time, as the product will stay “alive” in the soil for approximately 12 weeks, we recommend a second application is applied around 12 weeks after the first application.

This product is NON TOXIC and NON CORROSIVE; it will not block trickle tapes, and is suitable for broad acre, horticulture, viticulture, turf and vegetable growing.

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