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Apple Cider Vinegar


Adams apple cider is an unpasteurised product that is made from the entire apple. Being unpasteurised means that it contains all the natural goodness, beneficial active enzymes called the “mother”; it is a natural antibiotic and is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Our cider varies in colour and strength from batch to batch; this is because of the various types of apples used, the time of year and the manufacturing process.

apple cider vinegar

We think all animals benefit from Apple Cider Vinegar

A J Products believes that all animals will benefit from our apple cider vinegar. It seems animals too prefer water containing ACV, rather than plain drinking water. Our vinegar is “live’ it is not a distilled dry acid; it is primarily acetic acid – a natural volatile fatty acid found throughout the body.

Dairy cows can utilize apple cider to improve butterfat and body fat production, it is absorbed through the rumen wall, and can be used to prevent scours, bloat gas and reflux.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains probiotics

Apple cider contains probiotics (beneficial microbes) minerals, vitamins, etc. It can be used to prevent or remove virtually all forms of internal and external parasites.

High potassium levels mean that it helps to balance the PH in the animal’s stomach and therefore aids in the digestion process, being high in Malic acid means it also helps to cleanse and heal the liver and works as a detox for toxins and waste.

Apple cider vinegar is easy to administer

Apple cider is easy to apply, can be spread over animal’s dry rations or mixed into their drinking water. It is entirely safe for all animals.

Apple cider vinegar : Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the typical questions we receive:

  1. What is the “Mother”

The “mother’ is considered the most important or valuable component of our vinegar. It is often seen as a snotty coloured cobweb substance this is formed over time and contains apple residues, enzymes and pectin which create molecules of proteins which connect to form a sort of  strand.

  1. Does the vinegar not contain harmful bacteria or bugs?

No due to the very high acidity levels

  1. How do I look after it. Will it go off after a while?

No, in fact, it will get better like a good wine! Best to keep it cool and in the dark away from direct sunlight.

  1. What is the dose rate for animals

Large animals up to 200ml and for small animals up to 100ml

  1. Is vinegar suitable for pregnant animals?

Yes it is.

  1. Is your Adams  apple cider vinegar suitable for human use?

Yes it is suitable as vinegar however we do not currently have a bottling facility for human grade foods.

Product analysis

Total solids                             3.34% w/v

Ash                                          0.32% w/v

Total                                       as acetic acid 8.0% w/v

Total Nitrogen                                    0.01%


Phosphorous                            50mg/L

Potassium                               850mg/L

Sulphur                                    40mg/L

Calcium                                  800mg/L

Sodium                                   600mg/L

Magnesium                               40mg/L

Iron                                              2mg/L

Manganese                               0.7mg/L

Zinc                                          0.8mg/L

Copper                                                  0.5mg/L

Boron                                        0.2mg/L

Acid producing organisms    500/ml

Available now in  5 , 10, 20 , 200 and 1000 litre IBC tanks

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