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Supamint Extra Udder Solution


Who else wants the ultimate udder solution Without it costing you the earth?

SUPAMINT EXTRA is a peppermint oil composition provides soothing relief to the swollen udder of cows. The peppermint oil causes a reduction in the swelling associated with udder oedema.

SUPAMINT EXTRA is a natural product made without antibiotics or steroids that would require milk to be withheld. This means you can safely use SUPAMINT EXTRA on swollen udders without worrying about having to discard milk. SUPAMINT EXTRA cooling effect is also beneficial towards hard or irritated udders, and its use doesn’t taint milk making it ideal for first milking and heifers.

SUPAMINT EXTRA has also been found to be useful in the treatment of other problems, where there has been swelling, but the skin has not broken. Please contact us for further information.

  • Soothes swollen udders
  • 35% pure Japanese peppermint oil
  • No need to discard milk
  • Can be used in conjunction with antibiotics
  • Storage conditions Store between 5-30°C, Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Presentation A smooth pale yellow cream.
  • Packaging In several sizes.
  • Health & Safety For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and nose, in the event of contact rinse with plenty of cold water.
  • Composition Aqua • Peppermint oil (Menthene arvensis aetheroleum) • Polysorbate 20 • Mineral oil • Carbomer • Triethanolamine • Benzyl alcohol • Methylchloroisothiazolinone • Methylisothiazolinone, tea tree oil, aloe Vera ,witch hazel, cod liver oil, ginseng, apricot, lemon verbena, purified honey, and wheat germ
  • Administration Rub approximately 10ml of cream into the udder after milking. Re-apply 2-3 times per day after first milking/stripping out and repeat for 2-4 days.
  • Use To help maintain and improve udder condition.

Does it work?

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our happy customers had to say.


I have been drenching all stock with your product, the Supamint helped clean up the mastitis and I include the probiotic in the feed mix for the show sheep.

The young sheep are performing above expectations; young rams are weighing in at 70 – 75 kg at 5 months.

So I’m thrilled with the results.

—Gavin Wall Ringwood VIc

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