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Lick-a-Bucket 17kg Bucket

LICKABUCKET1Our natural mineral bucket suitable for all stock. Imagine fantastic condition, weight gains – healthy energetic animals utilising their feed well giving you better, quicker results and more profit.

Extra Information

These highly nutritious buckets are designed to be carried into the paddock and place near water stations for stock to lick. The handle can easily be attached to the fence or fence post, or pegged into the ground to secure them.

The buckets contain mainly sea salt, some molasses powder and liquid molasses, they also contain many trace elements that the animals need, these can include those in the table below. Extras are available, these are yeasts to aid digestion, crushed lupins for protein and apple cider vinegar for general well being.

Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium, manganese, vitamin A, D and E

How many do I need per head?
CATTLE, BEEF AND DAIRY 20 head per bucket
SHEEP AND GOATS 50 head per bucket
HORSES 10 head per bucket

Other Information:
These buckets are an animal balance supplement they are not designed to replace a proper balanced diet. They help animals make more from the feed available, lifting productivity and profits. Place near water stations, do not overcrowd stock. Replace immediately when consumed. Consumption is usually higher at the start.
Only natural ingredients are used.

Available for beef cows, dairy cows, sheep, goats and horses.

Does it work?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it, read what one of our happy customers has to say.


“Since I started using LICK A BUCKET, some three years ago, my stock now looks magnificent! Before they looked lean and off colour. The stock love the buckets, however the thing I like about them most is that they are rock hard and the animals are forced to lick, and cannot bite lumps out of them, as a result they last a long time. I would recommend them to any one with stock. Well done A J Products!”

S Lewis—Adelaide Hills

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