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Lick-a-ball is a twin liquid feeding device for all animals, it is an easy and cost effective way of improving the health and well being of all animals. It should be provided 365 days of the year, and can be used for any liquid supplements. AJ products provides various different blends for all animals including cows, sheep, horses, goats etc, below we list some of the advantages of Lick-a-ball

1. Twin lick-a-ball, holding capacity 75 litres, —- so you don’t have to fill them to often, saving you time

2. capacity to supplement feed  up to 70 sheep or 50 cows at anyone time

2. Easy to use and store when not in use

3. Painted yellow for high visibility

4. Will last a life time, if you look after them

5 Will take any liquid supplements in any combination

6. We can provide supplement concentrate, and you just add water and mix, usually at 10 to 30% ( we have numerous blends that start from as low as $2.95 a litre)

7. Sheep lick when they want too, and are not force feed

8. Helps maintain health and well being, reducing worms and other problems

9. Use near water stations

10. Can be used in the open paddock or under shelter

11. Best way to supplement feed

12. Cost effective

13. We guarantee your sheep/animals will love them, and so will you, if not return it for a full refund, less any shipping/handling costs.


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