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AT LAST! Natural organic products that get RESULTS FAST and don't cost the earth

AJ Products manufactures and sells the finest natural organic fertilisers and animal health additives throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We are providers of fine natural organic additives for the health of all animals and plants. We are a proud, energetic South Australian company providing an array of fine natural organic products direct for the use on your farm or smallholding. We do not use chemical or nasty hazardous products which will harm your environment, pollute your waterways and damage wildlife.

6 Reasons to Use Our Products

  1. We care, we welcome any enquiry from the small back yarder to the large organisations
  2. we provide free samples
  3. we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee
  4. we offer free give aways on a regular bases
  5. we offer free expert advice and regular field visits where ever we can
  6. we import and provide numerous vegetable and herb seeds for commercial growers, often at cheaper prices.
  7. we offer a comprehensive soil, tissue, feed and hair testing service like no where else in Australia

Product of the Month


Who else gets ANNOYED by flies or mosquitoes around their face, whilst working outdoors- and want a long lasting solution?

Try the all new AJ INSECT REPELLANT PATCH- FOR FREE, for a limited time.
Limited to 2 patches per person (enough natural protection for 36 hours).
You'll love how easy it is to use.
Simply fill in the contact form here, or call us at 0419713417 to claim your free patches. More information regarding this amazing product can be found here